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The art of mastering life well

Life is like a river.
It flows with ease from its source to its mouth and quickly finds a new way when obstacles are encountered. Our life also flows by itself, sometimes easy and sometimes bumpy. But unlike the river, we can also actively shape our path. Every person can unfold the necessary powers within himself with ease and joy. You too can go your own way of growth.

Our personal contribution to a healthy and happy life is in truth much greater than we think. This becomes especially apparent when we reach our personal limits and do not reach our goals immediately. This is exactly when we have to grow beyond ourselves and develop those qualities in ourselves that we have neglected up to now.

Holistic mental training

You carry all the potential for a happy life within you. An important step on this path is to change your own views, which can make a problem out of some situations in the first place.

Where do you reach your limits?
Which goals are you not reaching?
Where do you want to rise above yourself?

Our life can succeed if we – like the river – remain open for necessary changes. Our intuition and common sense reliably show us the way to health, success and happiness. You, too, can follow your path of growth.

I know it is possible and I know you can do it.

Get healthy with heart & mind in a natural way

Health is not a fate, but an art. Like an artist in the circus we can work with the 3 pillars of health – in the ring of our own life:

1. to acquire healthy knowledge
2. activate life energies
3. getting into action

Althoff’s Path to Health offers you the necessary holistic knowledge and many exercises to help you shape your path.

In addition to the book, the audio program “The 7 Secrets of Health” supports you in programming your subconscious for healing with 7 guided meditations (duration: 4 h).

And in the online course “Health with Heart and Mind” I personally accompany you for 8 weeks to your health.


Online courses

Train the basics for a happy & healthy life at home.
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Comprehensive knowledge & practical exercises for sustainable change.
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The fastest way for
your personal growth!
Intuition. Awareness. Heart.


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Happy. Healthy. Living.

  • Learning to let go
  • gain clarity
  • Self-empowering
  • focus thoughts
  • Changing perspectives
  • Come into your midst


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