With heart and soul.

Life is an art

Your vision becomes clear if you look into your heart.
Those who look outside are dreaming.
He who looks inside wakes up.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

I have experienced it in my own life and I see it in my environment as well. The really sustainable, reasonable and happy decisions always come from the heart. And that in both private and professional contexts. The mind is an excellent servant, but a miserable ruler.

And as complex and colourful as society, economy, politics and health are, at the core everything is again very simple and natural. Even solutions are then particularly effective the simpler they are. For me, there is a touch of divinity in simplicity. The more the person himself puts his own hands on things and thus makes them more complex, the further away he comes from exactly this divine impulse.
But who determines what is right and what is wrong?
Our heart, of course – it is incorruptible and is always 100% right. But to hear the real voice of the heart, you need a clear consciousness, mindfulness and real inner freedom.

Stop thinking

Wether you think you can make it
or you don’t think you’re gonna make it, you’re always right. (Henry Ford)

After I attended my first mental training seminar about 15 years ago, my world was a different one. It gave me the opportunity to shape my life by my own strength in the way I really wanted to.
Until then I had lived my life rather unconsciously.
I had put a lot of energy and joy into my studies, job and family, but had lost sight of myself a little bit.
I let go of this unconscious thinking more and more and shaped my life more attentive and powerful.

Only life is life

Success has 3 letters:
T – U – N (“doing”).
(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

The meaning of life can be learned from children. They are completely in the moment and full of perseverance. They discover their world with their eyes open and also actively participate in shaping it.

Even adults are happier when they shape their lives the way they really want to. If what I do makes sense to me, I am full of energy and enjoy my life.

Stages in my life

I come from the circus dynasty Althoff, but I did not grow up in the circus myself.

After my studies in Vienna I worked for about 10 years as a risk manager in the foreign division of a bank.
And for another 10 years now I have been working with heart and mind as a mental trainer, coach and potential-developer.

My vision is:
To lead people to their healthy center.

My offer for you

Happy. Healthy. Living.

  • Strengthening intuition
  • Learning to let go
  • Gaining clarity
  • Coming into your own centre
  • Actively shaping your own life
  • Changing the world positively with love