Meditation Englisch
Hello and namasté. Thank you for joining us.
Every day at 9 pm (CET) we gather here in the virtual space connected with one another for a meditation on “joy, peace & love”. The energy we create increases by the number we are (at the same time!). 100 people meditating at the same time with the same focus can reach 1 million people.
You can either listen to the audio-file above, be inspired by my little guideline or just enter your heart and the way to peace on your own way.

On April 5 at 4:45 am (CET) a global peace meditation will take place. Come in and join us. In case we are 1 million people, we can reach the whole world.

There is not THE ONE correct way how to meditate. In case you have not yet “meditated” a lot, let me just give you a few ideas:
1. Find a peaceful & quiet place for around 20 minutes.
2. Let your breathing flow naturally & relax.
3. Feel your body & close your eyes.
4. Focus on your heart & let your breathing go there.
5. Relax more and let go all your thoughts.
6. Smile a little bit.
7. Feel “joy, love, thankfulness, peace, confidence …” (you may repeat these words for your own.)
8. Let this energy flow into your cells.
9. Enjoy this feeling & send this energy to your surrounding.
10. Imagine the Earth as tiny blue balloon in front of you & sent this energy to the whole world.