Success is easy.

Life is learning…

…whether as a child in primary school or later in the school of life. Learning is a completely natural process that children still find enriching and joyful. We grow and mature as human beings and develop abilities and skills that enable us to master our life outside.

Although the knowledge of the world is (still) available in the world of the Internet today, no one could carry this knowledge in its entirety. And this is not necessary and not sensible at all. Because being human is not defined by the accumulation of knowledge, but by lived humanity and a deeper understanding of the connections in the world, which can only be recognized through your own heart. So it is actually about transforming this dead knowledge into living heart wisdom.

But this only works if we understand that we are all already perfect beings who already carry all potentials within themselves. This can be seen very nicely in our language in terms like “development” and “unfolding”. The misunderstanding is based on the fact that we believe that we still have a lot to learn on our path of personality development. The word “development” already indicates that it is about letting go, that “things” (convictions, habits, straining feelings …) should be released from their development.

In this sense, my seminars are offers to learn with the heart, knowing that every person already has everything that is really important in him or her.

Mental Training for Children

You can give your love to children,
but not your thoughts.
They have their own. (K.Gibran)

Children are our future and deserve to lead a happy and self-determined life. If you would like to accompany them, this course is just the right thing for you. Children’s mental training unfolds holistically on all levels. It moves the body, inspires the mind and lets the soul fly.
I have created a comprehensive model with the Children’s Happiness Pyramid to support children and young people in an appreciative and structured way on their path through life.

Business trainings

Logic will get you from A to B.
Your imagination will take you anywhere.
(Albert Einstein)

The purpose of a company is that satisfied employees develop and offer meaningful products and services. On this basis, a natural connection to the “customers” is established. From heart to heart.

My offer for your company…

Be. Successfully. Together.
I offer impulse lectures, in-house trainings & coachings for you and your employees*.

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